The Paterson Public School District and the Paterson Board of Education have the expectation that all preschoolers who attend our programfor two years, and are developmentally ready, will have the necessary skills to read age-appropriate books. We firmly believe that preschool children can learn to read in a way that is developmentally and culturally appropriate if they are presented with the necessary supports.

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Members of this Wiki include teaching staff from the Paterson "State Mandated" Preschools in Paterson, N.J.Please do add your comments or questions on the Discussion page. If you wish a private reply, use the webmaster email.


Weekly Calendar Materials

Picture Schedule

Center Management Signs - English, Spanish

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Center Management Signs - English, Spanish, Arabic

ESI Class Summary Template

See Assessement WIKI.

Lesson Plan Templates

These include the "Strategies" rows. You will have to move rows to mirror your schedule. Components must be in the sequence of your day.

Lesson Plans - The Beginning of the Year

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