This schedule is a teaching tool for children to use, and does not have times. See the Core Teaching Tools page. This is usually displayed near the meeting rug.

In a Fours room, after children are fairly secure in left-to-right orientation, some teachers have opted to put each component one behind the other, put rings at the top, and put the whole thing on a small stand. The "Schedule Keeper" flips over the page to expose the next activity. This can be especially helpful in a small room, and does teach another physical way to mark the passage of time, as well as another way data is organized.

Children's Picture Schedule: with movable arrow or other indicator that children can use. This helps children feel secure in the predictability of the day, understand the passage of time, and develop a left to right orientation for reading. You can use photos of your class (pretty easy, the kids are involved, you can make any size you want), make them using web pictures (time consuming), buy commercially prepared ones (often don't have everything you need).

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Sample Interactive Pieces for the Picture Schedule