Before the year begins, have a discussion about curriculum implementation and planning with your director. There may be times of the year that the center requires certain things. During the rest of the time, you are responsible for creating the environment that will provide for optimum learning in all four domains, and that takes considerable thought and behind-the-scenes work.
  • Try to work with your colleagues to pre-plan. It saves time and each of you will provide the others a check to ensure appropriateness, meaningfulness, and thoroughness. In large centers, planning by age is a way to start. In smaller centers it is much easier to collaborate across the ages. Each center will develop its own structure, but beyond that first conversation with your director, don't wait for administration to tell you what to do. Your job is to get started, hopefully with a colleague. Master teachers are also available for help.

  • Begin by familiarizing yourself with the contents of Teaching Guides provided in The Creative Curriculum The System. These materials may be in a file cabinet,on a shelf, in a closet, but they must all be there, at your fingertips. They can go home, but must get back the next day. Some teachers prepare duplicates of the most used items to keep at home.

  • The companion document to be familiar with is the New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards. This document should be readily available in your classroom, and you will be using it as you develop your lesson plans each week.

  • At the risk of being repetitive, do not disregard this truth: the best days are those that are well-planned and flexibly implemented by rested, happy-to-be-with-kids teachers. Our children deserve no less! You will have less than stellar days, and the children will have theirs, but overall, if you are well-prepared and ready to implement, all will be well.

Lesson Plan Templates

Attached please find tools/resources for the lesson planning binder. We are strongly suggest teachers use these tools in lesson planning.

Tools for Learning Objective.jpg

Tools for Creating Learning Objectives

  • New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards

  • Creative Curriculum Objectives for Development and Learning

  • Alignment of Teaching Strategies GOLD Objectives for Development &Learning Birth Through Kindergarten with New Jersey Birth to Three Early Learning Standards

Lesson Plans - The Beginning of the Year