What Do They Play with Those First Days?

Below is a good list for Threes. Fours teachers will also have additional materials to introduce, especially if the children have been in preschool as a Three. Be aware that children who have been in a summer program may also need to have additional materials introduced at a faster pace.

Soft playdough – enough for 6
Large paper taped to table, crayons
Construction paper scraps to be torn and glued

One manipulative that can be sorted by color
Fisher Price Farm, House, and/or Garage
Color paddles to look through
Knobbed puzzles, simple shape puzzles (not interlocking)
Graduated stacking toys
Shape sorter box

Damp sand and small, soft sided cups that can be squeezed to eject packed sand

Unit blocks, half-unit blocks
Block ramps and cars – 4 each, for 4 children

4 Dolls, 4 dishes and 4 spoons and 4 bottles, perhaps 4 small blankets

10-15 Board Books
10-15 stuffed animals

6-10 really interesting story books to read to the children, pre-read by adults, paraphrase as needed.