I Have to Know about ALL THIS?!?

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Eventually you will look back and say, "Wow! I know a lot!" But ya gotta start somewhere, so go make a cup of tea and begin . . .

Teacher Language: TBD

Developing Routines with Modeling and Practice: Many things need to be taught by modelling and patient practice throughout the year - there is only one safe way to use scissors, and we will line up this way. Careful introduction is the first step. You will have to be sure in your own mind what you expect:

Rolling Out Centers: Start with 2-3 materials in Art, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Toys & Games, and the two adults can work short guided discoveries (below) of materials in these centers a number of times a day the first week or two. Details here: TBD

Guided Discovery: a strategy for introducing materials, and teaching related essential vocabulary, use, and care.

Easy Greetings: Learn two easy greetings, put them on a chart with a picture that children can link to the song or chant. As you learn more, add them to the collection. Children enjoy being the one to choose. Here is a basic selection:

News & Announcements Charts: Keep them predictable and simple. Here are some samples: TBD

Managing Rest Time: Keep it to one hour! Children must be on a cot if there is only one adult supervising, so if the adult lunches of the teacher and teaching assistant is together more than an hour, you will have to build something else into your schedule that children can enjoy while on the cots, such as singing from energetic to soft & sleepy at the the beginning, from soft & sleepy to energetic at wake-up, or listening to the teacher read or tell a story story, chanting nursery rhymes, etc.

Children Who Have Difficulty Saying Goodbye TBD
Helping to Complete Toilet-Training TBD
Quiet Children Who Prefer to Keep to Themselves TBD
No Fighting, No Biting! TBD